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Surveying Services

The professional surveyors of Ganem and Kelly Surveying utilize state of the art technologies such as electronic field books, total stations and GPS. All work conforms to industry standards as well as those set forth by the client. Our highly trained and experienced personnel are capable of providing post-processing and data conversion into file formats that can be directly used in computer drafting or integrated into existing GIS systems saving both time and money.

Civil and Site Engineering Services

We create innovative engineering solutions for planners. We are involved in the design and construction of bridges, tunnels, roads, railway, dams, pipelines and major buildings. We research a project's requirements and develop a plan that incorporates the need for future growth with enhancement and minimal impact to the environment or surrounding communities.

Landscape Architectural Services

Creation of innovative outdoor spaces. Managed to ensure clients have personal involvement with same team member throughout project. Resources of a premier engineering firm.